The Book

GE_cover300Get yourself informed on Aruba’s great example and be inspired by what we achieved at the Green Education Symposium 2013. We incorporated the lectures as well as the results of the workshops into a colourful publication. A display of Aruba’s green cause!

This Green Education Aruba book is the first step toward ‘GROW – a Toolkit for Green Education’ and will serve as its introductory story. The first half consists of an essay on which the presentations and workshops, held during the 2nd Green Education Conference in April 2013, were based. The story is interwoven with the images of the presentation. The second half of the book shows the power of new approaches and crowd participation.

GE_workshop A group of students of the Colegio Arubano searched for ways to, from their own perception, contribute to sustainable improvements of their environment. They did not attend the lectures, so after a brief introduction about direction of the island and possibility for Arubans to individually and actively contribute to its achievement, a start was made with mapping the school and its environment. The students were surprisingly efficient in making an inventory of school’s surroundings, the relevant players and the local urgencies.

“The school itself became focus of the discussion”

A participative approach raises awareness about challenges, possibilities, stakes, influences and responsibility. To show just how true this is, we invited four randomly composed groups of about five participants each, to create a tempting scenario. Three of the teams focussed on the waning oil refinery of Valero and the sustainable revival of San Nicolas. The fourth team dealt with the island’s waste problem and awareness about recycling. They chose to start at the environmental education centre Santa Rosa.


Everyone put forth his or her own urgencies, concerns and ideas. By making creative combinations and by close cooperation, feasible or at least interesting scenarios were developed.

“Present times bring great opportunities through newly applicable technologies and active participation of everybody. Aruba is ready for it!”

The workshops show the great amount of knowledge and inspiration present within individuals, as well as the power of the combination of their thoughts. By sparring with people about relevant topics, we learn to understand and appreciate ideas and opinions of different persons. On the other hand the reflection on such topics arouses understanding for urgencies and choices determined on other levels.

Where possible, the proposals made by the participants have been related or merged into plausible initiatives and placed in the broader perspective of Aruba’s development. The aim is to hereby feed the establishment with tempting alternatives and stimulate them to make use of crowd participation.


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