TEDx Binnenhof viewing party

On the 31st of March Prime Minister Eman was one of the speakers at the TEDxBinnenhof event held in the Ridderzaal in the Hague. In this presentation he outlined his vision for Aruba.

In 2020, Aruba aims to be a fully sustainable, self-sufficient society. A 5-star society, as he likes to think of it. A sustainable society running on green energy, in which economic growth serves the wellbeing of the people. How? Influential partners such as Carbon War Room (founded by Richard Branson), Harvard University and TNO have committed themselves to this vision and are cooperating with Aruba to realize this ambition. From schools and local neighbourhoods to (international) businesses… On all levels of the Aruban society, sustainable initiatives have been taken up to involve the whole population in this ambition and to become the first fully sustainable country on earth.

Under the motto ‘Global Challenges, Dutch Solutions’ a total of 11 speakers presented their innovative solutions for a diverse array of societal problems, anywhere in the world. Over 40 Dutch Embassies and Consulates and 25 national venues hosted Viewing Parties where people came together to watch the groundbreaking TEDxBinnenhof talks. Thus thousands of people across the world followed the event via a live stream.

The Arubahuis in The Hague also organised a viewing party that was attented by over 200 guests, including members of parliament, ministry officials, academics, business people and consultants. In addition to an integral broadcast of all the talks, the program comprised two short presentations by Mart van Bracht of TNO Energie and the minister for Tourism, Transportation & Labour, Otmar Oduber. After which there was an informal ‘Meet & Greet’ with Prime Minister Mike Eman.

NivenPress Voorburg / nivenpress@gmail.com

Greenteam NL with Prime Minister Eman Foto: © Nico van der Ven



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