Prime Minister Eman speaker @ TEDx Binnenhof

We are very proud to announce that Prime Minister Mike Eman of Aruba will be one of the speakers during TEDxBinnenhof the 31st of March in the Hague.

TEDxBinnenhof is the international platform for innovative ideas from Dutch soil. With the theme: “Global Challenges, Dutch Solutions” TEDx Binnenhof stimulates innovations that provide solutions to societal problems, anywhere in the world. For example in the area of ​​climate change, mobility, health, renewable energy and security.


Aruba: a testing ground for the world: “Aruba has five-star hotels, but we want to see five-star schools, five-star neighbourhoods, five-star infrastructure and five-star homes for elderly.” Says mr. Mike Eman. “It is my ambition to see that we manage to turn our continued material prosperity into wellbeing and happiness for every Aruban.”

How? Please watch or for more info.

Ideas worth Spreading – that’s what TED is all about. TEDx Binnenhof does so in a unique way! Not only will the event be live-streamed during viewing parties at prominent locations throughout the Netherlands, but also at more than 40 Dutch embassies and consulates all over the world. This way the TEDxBinnenhof talks will reach a worldwide audience!


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