Green’s’Cool @ BOBCATSSS

bobcatsss2014_2Working on the Green’s’Cool-kit

Through a presentation at the American Library Association’s conference in Chicago last June, much awareness and interest was raised in the Green’s’Cool approach. Now the programme made its way to the European scientific world with a presentation at the BOBCATSSS conference, held in Barcelona on the 30th of January. BOBCATSSS is an annual symposium with themes relating to library and information science. The symposium is under the auspices of EUCLID (European Association for Library and Information Education and Research) and this year’s theme was “Library (r)evolution: Promoting sustainable information practices”

Geert Kooistra and Petra Maas, authors of the Green’s’Cool / Green Education Aruba book, explained there how the programme originated. Green’s Cool is the bottom-up reply to the Aruban government and Carbon War Room’s top-down strategy to create a modern, white-collar professional and investment climate for Aruba. Through universities and libraries worldwide, Green’s’Cool is now seeking scientific approaches to position start-ups abroad….but also for Aruba and to measure its successes (moneywise) along the way. The toolkit for Green’s’Cool adoption by other countries, organisations, educational institutions and companies, will be Aruba’s first real export product (or –knowledge) on its own transition.

In a rather well-attended classroom 114 at the Faculty of Library and Information Science of the University of Barcelona, Geert and Petra shared experiences and elaborated on the strategy toward the future. Interest was raised among spectators from France, Spain, Germany and Sweden, all of which have valuable initiatives running. However they are missing either the involvement of newer generations through school and pupil participation; or lacking Green’s’Cools integral coverage of all sectors, disciplines and generations. Most other nations still lack both though. More examples need to be set for them to wake up or gather enough confidence to join the Green’s’Cool movement.

The continuing development of tools for the Green’s’Cool-kit, as well as gradual deployment of example-setting cases everywhere around the world, will eventually convince even the most hesitant of people and nations. Aruba must hence continue to show the way. The upcoming Green Education event on food and sustainable agriculture will set another best-case practice from Aruba on the worldmap.

Click here for the lecture and corresponding essay



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