Green’s’Cool Book offered to the Minister of Education

MP Eman bezoekt het Min OCenW  Foto_CNico van der Ven  11

On the 6th of December of 2013 the Aruban delegation, Prime Minister Mike Eman and Geert Kooistra, received a warm welcome at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands. Minister Jet Bussemaker, Secretary of State Sander Dekker and director-general Hans Schutte were very keen to learn about the progress Aruba’s making in the field of education on sustainability.

MP Eman bezoekt het Min OCenW  Foto_CNico van der Ven  18

Mr. Eman and Mr. Kooistra took the opportunity to present the government administrators with the second copy of the Green’s’Cool book. This book is a comprehensive account of the ambitious course Aruba has laid out for itself, the impressive steps it’s already taking and the inspiring results these efforts have yielded.

For the Government of the Cabinet Eman II education is the main focus for the coming term. “Teaching our children and enhancing professional quality will support Aruba toward the future, these challenges will determine the future success of our country to a great extent.” Mr. Eman said. During the meeting the Aruban delegation had with the Minister of Education and its Secretary, there was great interest for the initiatives taken by Aruba in the field of innovation and sustainable energy. The Green’s’Cool program and the ‘Green Faculty’, established in cooperation with the University of Aruba, have ensured that progress is being made in the development of science and research. These new developments offer more opportunities for Aruban youth to complete their studies domestically. Aruba has a lot of young people studying in the Netherlands; after their studies a large part of them is unable to find a job at a desired level on Aruba. The government Eman II aims to change that!

MP Eman bezoekt het Min OCenW  Foto_CNico van der Ven  13


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