Presentation of book to Minister Mike de Meza

Photo: The Morning News ArubaOn the 9th of October Geert Kooistra presented the first copy of the Green Education Aruba book to Aruba’s Minister of Finance, Communications, Utilities and Energy, Mike de Meza. The book offers an account of our contributions to the 2nd Green Education Symposium in April 2013. During the conference, we chose to have inspiring presentations and conduct workshops around them.

We incorporated the results of the workshops in a publication and put them in perspective of Aruba’s development. Where possible, the proposals have been related or merged into plausible initiatives.

The display of the workshops and their results, show how crowd participation can be stimulated, but especially how much fun it is to work and think together. It would be great if we could take the next step and turn the awareness programmes to some real participatory projects. If one or some of the results of the workshops combined, could make it to a real life initiative, we could continue the evolving showcase of Aruba.

May the results of Aruban participants inspire you to organize your own workshops or participation of any kind. Or, if you are a seemingly powerless individual with a good idea, help you raise your plan to higher echelons and the right level of relevance.


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